I am a woman in my mid 50’s. After years (let’s say about 30) of plucking out facial hairs, I noticed in the last few years that I was plucking more and more often and the hairs were getting darker, thicker and spreading. This was highly embarrassing and becoming quite distressing. After one dismal laser treatment I was fortunate enough to find Sahar. The first telephone conversation was honest but encouraging. At the first treatment Sahar explained that it could take up to 18 months to get permanent results due to the years of plucking but we got underway. Now in less than a year I am down to phoning her only if I need a little touch up. My skin is beautiful and soft – no spiky hairs and certainly no damage from the treatment. I have had my chin, upper lip and some of the jawline and side burns. Sahar is very professional, skillful and hygienic. She is also honest and makes you no false promises. She doesn’t need to as the results speak for themselves.
I am very relieved that I found Sahar and can enjoy my future years without the constant worry and embarrassment of unwanted facial hair.
Thanks enormously Sahar.