Electrolysis reverses laser induced hair growth.

What is paradoxical hypertrichosis?

Paradoxical hypertrichosis is when laser hair removal (LHR) works in reverse, instead of it reducing hair growth, it stimulates/induces more hair.
Paradoxical hypertrichosis or laser-induced hair growth can really affect the confidence of the person. It may come as a shock to the person once they stop LHR and see the damaging effects that LHR has caused. This can be a debilitating problem and hard to accept and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety when the person does not know what to do with the induced hair growth.

See my story for Sahar’s experience.

What to do if you have laser induced hair growth?

There is pretty strong evidence to suggest that continuing laser hair removal doesn’t help to remove hairs that have been triggered into growth by a laser.
The only way that this laser induced hair growth can be removed permanently is with electrolysis.

What not to do when you have laser induced hair growth?

● Do not wax
● Do not thread
● Do not pluck
● Do not use epilating machine

Laser hair removal interferes with hair cycles and the methods above rip the hair from the follicle and interfere with the cycles even further. The methods above can cause hairs to appear a lot more frequently.

What to do with laser induced hairs until I begin Electrolysis?

Please contact us to get the best advice for your specific situation.


A qualified electrologist should be able to work out the underlying cause of the new hair growth. It is important to be able to distinguish that it is laser-induced hair growth and no other underlying problem.

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