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Female Treatments

In today’s world, a female’s body image is important to her sense of well-being. A woman’s confidence and self-esteem can be affected by unwanted hair.

Male Treatments

We are specialised in permanent hair removal for men. Electrolysis is just as effective on men, as it is on women. St George Electrolysis will have …

Laser-Induced Hair Growth

Paradoxical hypertrichosis is when laser hair removal (LHR) works in reverse, instead of it reducing hair growth, it stimulates/induces more hair.

Permanent hair removal for PCOS

PCOS is probably the most common disorder amongst women of reproductive age that contributes to excess hair growth. If you have a sudden …

Tattoo Enhancing

Some might resort to temporary solutions of hair removal like waxing every few weeks or shaving to keep the area hair-free. These are temporary solutions

Removal of Hair Transplants

Some people do not like how the transplants look or feel. Common complaints include an unnatural looking hairline or uncontrollably growing eyebrows.

Transgender Treatments

Your own sense of personal beauty is based within, how you feel on the inside. We are happy to assist you to be truly comfortable with yourself and embrace life…

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